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Creator Of The First Scientifically Based Haircutting Method


[0001]For example, but without limitation, the code can be a unique language for defining a standardized procedure for a predetermined haircut or communicating a haircut called the Universal Code of Haircutting (“UCH”).  This code can be used to communicate, translate, record, and transmit any kind of haircut in a short time and accurately.  The use of the code is a scientific approach to conceive and engineer haircuts.  The code gives the complete infrastructure and ability to “code” or define any haircut quickly, accurately, easily, and with precision without using lengthy sentences, drawing, and/or pictures.  The code is a language in itself and a tool to communicate in a worldwide common coded language designed mainly for current and future professional hair beauticians to define a haircut, although it can also be used for hair styling, hair extensions, and any other suitable applications.  The meaning and translation of the code is presented herein in the English language, but it could be translated in any other language as well, without changing the code itself.  The UCH can include a formula (coded formula) that describes the exact shape of a haircut and the way it is made.  The code is practical, meaningful, and purposeful and involves, and is in part based on, checkpoints on the face, head, neck, and body, as described herein, which are defined by landmarks or parts of the body.

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