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Creator Of The First Scientifically Based Haircutting Method

In the early part of the 20th Century Coco Chanel

revolutionized women’s fashion.  Her iconic design

concepts of the “petit robe noir”, and classically

structured wool jersey suit , remain to this day,

staples in the world of fashion.  Times were changing

and Chanel had the sensibility of a visionary to

recognize that clothing and lifestyles were in tandem

to  the needs of this changing society.  Along with

the changes in clothing came changes in the way women

were cutting and styling their hair.  As society began

to offer women more freedoms, fashion and hairstyles

were offering them more options.  Since this time,

trendy haircuts have come and gone, but Chanel’s

“petit robe noir” has remained steadfast.  What has

given her creations a timeless quality ?  The fact is

that Chanel followed the philosophy made famous by

Frank Lloyd Wright…classical, timeless creations

follow the simple rule of “form follows function”.

Behind all great design there is a blueprint dictated

by this philosophy.  If one is to expect greatness

from a creation or design, then it should be expected

that the form must follow the function.  The woman and

her lifestyle must be taken into high consideration

when creating a home or clothing for her. So why

shouldn’t haircutting follow this same rule ?

Until now, no one has had the visionary sense to

recognize the need to fashion a design blueprint for

the art of hair cutting.  That is until Mr. Patrick

Garelle had the visionary sense in realizing the need

for such a design blueprint.


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