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Creator Of The First Scientifically Based Haircutting Method


Engineering is the discipline of acquiring and applying scientific and technical knowledge to the design, analysis, and/or construction of works for practical purposes.  The Orthocouralogy has been engineered by Patrick Garelle. It is a new discipline, and is a revolutionary approach to luxury haircutting and hairstyling instruction. In today’s high end hairstyling market, the successful hairstylist is more a result of artistic talent, rather than a high degree of accuracy and technical skill.

“ Having spent the better part of 30 years in this industry in Paris, New York, and Miami, I have developed “Orthocouralogy”  which will completely change how hairstylists learn their craft and approach their client in a completely  new way. Orthocouralogy is the only method in the world to give accurate information leading to high performance in haircutting.”  Patrick Garelle


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Parisian Hair Stylist Brings “Orthocouralogy” to Miami

A Breakthrough System for Precision Hair Cutting

Do you have curly hair? Fine, layered or grey hair? The originator of Diane Sawyer’s trendsetting, short haircut and the hair stylist for Connie Chung and Catherine Crier from Court TV, Patrick F. Garelle comes to Miami from Paris and New York, bringing with him his breakthrough hair cutting method termed  “Orthocouralogy,” the first scientific, precise method to cut hair –all types – including curly, fine and long layers. Critical to Garelle’s methodology is to understand the dynamic of each hair type.

“Usually hairdressers rely on artistic ability rather than technical methodologies,” Garelle explained.  “This breakthrough method is revolutionary because involves both logic and technical abilities, an important step forward to standardize haircutting procedures for the beauty industry.”

“The mathematical haircutting interpretation I have designed originates from the great mathematicians’ theories. Geometry is useful and seems to be the answer to building hairstyles in a logical way,” Garelle said.

Garelle has written a patent-pending manual on the subject of Orthocouralogy with detailed illustrations so it can be taught and understood by hairdressers and cosmetology students.

According to Garelle, Orthocouralogy is about being able to produce high quality workmanship no matter what the hair type or hairstyle.  The stylist must understand each category of hair – whether curly, straight, fine or grey, in order to comprehend its dynamic, crucial to performing at the highest professional level.

Garelle considers himself a skilled artist and first interviews a client in order to understand her  needs, lifestyle and  personality. “It actually begins the minute she walks into the salon,” Garelle said.

Listening and talking is also an integral piece in determining which haircut best would suit a person.

“Communication is as important as understanding a client’s lifestyle in order to give the right cut,” Garelle said.  Garelle says he usually shies away from trendy haircuts of “fashion victims,” those that are difficult to maintain, unless the look really suits a person.

“When a woman leaves my salon and feels beautiful, that’s what is important to me.”

“Hairdressers usually rely on artistic ability, rather than technical methodology,” Garelle explained.  “My method combines both. Mine is an uncommon approach, which involves logic and precision. It is an entirely novel and different system for hair styling.”

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