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Creator Of The First Scientifically Based Haircutting Method

Journal of Orthocouralogy

Journal of Haircutting Architectural Desing and Associated Discipline



Definition: Orthocouralogy

Ortho-coura-logy = ōr′thō\kə-ˈrā-\ˈlō-gē\ [neologism  invented by Patrick Garelle, noun, fr ancient Gk.

Ortho, correct, right, + koura, cut of hair, + logos, study] ©+℗+®, 2006. A SCIENTIFIC METHOD FOR DEFINING A STANDARDIZED PROCEDURE FOR A HAIRCUT, A CODE FOR DEFINING A HAIRCUT, AND A METHOD FOR GIVING A HAIRCUT  Universal Method of Haircutting (UMH)  a new profession,  Universal Code of Haircutting or (UCH)  standard international common language for technical haircutting communication.


Orthocouralogy is a revolutionary approach for teaching haircutting and for cutting hair that:

Value #1: Provides a scientifically-based, standardized and unique approach for teaching haircutting

Value #2: Increases the technical level and the creative elements of the haircutting process

Value #3: Increases the professionalism and efficiency of the haircutting process

Value #4: Increases the security, productivity, well-being and the life span of hairstylists.

Orthocouralogist noun, person who practice orthocouralogy, from Ortho-coura-logy

Patrick Garelle International corp

Copyright © 2006 all right reserved


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