Perfect and precise! by Nikkalite

I have long, fine, straight, limp hair, and if not cut properly (as it usually happens), it appears as if it is finer, limper and lifeless. It was wonderful to finally find a stylist who understands the challenges and the does and the don?ts when cutting this type of hair. And, lucky me, he is right here in Miami!! Patrick gave me a cut that made my hair look more abundant, bouncier and gloriously luxurious (and he didn?t even use styling products when drying it). He takes time to listen and explain what he will do. He is extremely talented and has gone beyond the artistic realm of his craft to create the first scientific system for cutting hair, which is why he can achieve such perfect and precise cuts. And on top of all this he is a charming and sweet soul. This is a stylist you can thoroughly trust.

•Pros: Patrick?s talent and friendliness