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Creator Of The First Scientifically Based Haircutting Method


The word: Orthocouralogy, Orthocouralogie (in french) is a neologism. 

In 2006 I have called one of my best friend’s mother, professor of philosophy at la Sorbonne University of Paris.

Professor Janine Chanteur, Emeritus Professor of Moral and Political Philosophy at the University of Paris-Sorbonne


ORTHO (de orthos : droit) COURA (de koura, coupe de cheveux) LOGIE (de logos, dont le 1er sens est discours, puis raison).

“Naissance de ce néologisme : en 2006, j’ai appelé Janine CHANTEUR, le mère de mon meilleur ami, professeur émérite de philosophie à La Sorbonne (Paris)et je lui ai parlé de ma méthode innovante pour couper les cheveux, méthode à laquelle je souhaitais donner un nom.

En sa qualité de Professeur de Philosophie à La Sorbonne, je pensais qu’elle pouvait me proposer une appellation scientifique pour désigner ma nouvelle méthode, en vue de son enregistrement au Bureau US des Brevets dans in Washington. Il s’agissait de traduire en un mot, de façon logique, l’art de couper les cheveux scientifiquement, considéré comme un élément du Code Universel de Coupe des cheveux (en anglais : Universal Code of Haircutting : U.C.H.)

Il s’agissait aussi de s’associer au programme de cosmétologie sans s’y enliser. En effet, je considère que j’ai inventé non seulement un  nouveau langage, mais aussi des systèmes utilisant des géométries, euclidiennes ou non, pour expliquer comment faire une coupe de cheveux logiquement, l’ensemble devant être connu un jour comme étant la géométrie de la coupe de cheveux.

Deux jours après cette conversation, le Pr Janine CHANTEUR m’appelle à New York, avec cette réponse : “Mon Cher Patrick, votre méthode pourrait s’appeler : ORTHOCOURALOGIE, avec comme traduction anglaise : ORTHOCOURALOGY.”

“ I felt the need to give the Patrick Garelle method a beautiful name to stay …”

I needed a name for the method I had invented. Mistaking, I thought Dr Janine Chanteur had a PHD in ancient Greek, and would be able to help me to give the letters of novelty to this scientifically based haircutting method, about at that time, to be submitted to the US patent bureau in Washington DC. The idea, and the request, was to correctly translate in one word: haircutting in a logical mater, using a scientifically based method (Euclidean and non Euclidean geometry). The desire was to simply give a scientific name to the method I have invented. Being able to record a given haircut in a specific language was part of the program called the  Universal Code of Haircutting, abbreviated (U.C.H).

The total idea, to my eyes, was to important to be part and buried in the  actual program of cosmetology. My believe was to dissociate my method from the cosmetology, therefore give my method her own scientific name. After all, I have invented not only a new language , but also systems using an adapted geometries to explain how to give a haircut logically, which one day should be known as the geometry of haircutting.

Two days after we have talked,  Dr Janine Chanter called me in New york with the answer even no PHD in ancient Greek . “ My dear Patrick, what you have invented could be called : Orthocouralogie or Orthocouralogy (with an accent on the ‘e’). Both words are correct, pick the one you prefer ‘she said’.

Done deal, it was ORTHOCOURALOGIE . My choice was motivated due to the presence of the accent, which are not existing in english. Replacing The ‘ie’ by a ‘y’ at the end, and here was a new english word.

I have written more than a 1000 pages, taken photographs in excess of 2000, 500 drawings and computer images, conceive and built  the Haircutting System Engineering Devices (H.S.E.D)s. Jeremy Merling and Paul Ragusa at Backer Botts an intellectual property firm in New York took care of the legal protection.  The Orthocouralogy was then officially born.

I felt the Patrick Garelle Haircutting Method  deserved at that point her own name.

Today I am stile researching, and refining.

I hope one day my work it will help thousands of students to stay in this industry, come into this industry, attract many people from different backgrounds.

“ Today, when student learn how to cut hair, they often learn someone hells stile. The orthocouralogy is not influential in that mater, it gives the ability to the future Ortocouralogist to express and built its own artistic ideas” . Today’s the haircutting chapter written in the standard cosmetology books, is the list developed. Very few pages, nothing substantial, leading anyone to wonder what the student are learning, and from what? The are reasons why, and unfortunately this works against future students, students, educators, actual cosmetologist and ultimately the clients. The Orthocouralogy is the only reference book for logical haircutting and fils up a huge gap in a large industry for the benefice of everyone.

copyright Patrick Garelle, all right reserved 2006


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