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Next is an exert of the orthocouralogy program about “ Long, Layered Haircuts ” .

Technically perfect Long Layered Haircut Designs may be the most the most difficult performance task to achieve. Without clear knowledge of logical layering systems principals, this category of haircut design is impossible to be approached correctly.

Remark:The idea of repeating a haircut that has been given intuitively is absolutely impossible.

The amount of information has been greatly reduced in order to protect the  orthocouralogy “higher performance haircutting program “ from unauthorized commercial usage. However, some technical specifications, advice, and recommendations, are disclosed to inform interested individuals. Those with fine hair will find elements based on logical values, instead of artistic capabilities only, which could help to resolve bad hair-days!

Today a fact under the rules of orthocouralogy, the common  long layered haircuts has been defined in order to know what it is exactly.

        #1  Long layered haircut means that the haircut design’s general length, therefore the style, is long.

        #2 The layers are long, which means the hair-mass surface area is showing

layers no shorter than a third of the vertical apparent length at a given


        #3 The haircut architectural design is made of true layers.

What is a long, layered haircut? With layered hair, true layers are cut into the hair. It may not be obvious to the naked eye, but a slant may be created in order to cut the layers. It is not necessary, however, to have a slant in order to cut layers into the hair.

A long, layered haircut must be defined in order to understand its benefits for certain hair types and clients’ lifestyles. A haircut with long layers means that true long layers exist in a given hair-mass, and that hair-mass is defined as a long hair style. Usually a slant could exist in the foundation of the haircut design (also called : VHW), from which a logical layering procedure could begin. That slant could be more obvious, and that would depend on the artistic choice. However, no slant is necessary, to create a true long and layered haircut. Often and as in general, a “ long, long layered haircut” could appear to be more layered than it actually is, when styled and or in motion.

Compared to a long  blunt haircut, a long layered haircut has the following physical and technical  characteristics:

        a) Less heavy

        b) More fluid

       c) More complex design (also more difficult to achieve)

       d) The layered area represents about a third or less than a third  of its corresponding total vertical, curvy area.

       e) The general appearance of a long hairstyle and long layers are existing, even if

portion of the hair style could be as an example of short or medium length.

      f) Long layers could reduce the hair mass without reducing the overall appearance of long hairstyle.

     g) Long layers are less obvious than short or medium layers.

    h) Long layers can give the illusion of increase the volume, (taking into consideration the physical shape of the hair strand).

     I) Long layers can reduce the density of the hair, in part or in the total hair mass area, depending on the area being treated.

    J) Long layers may or may not change the apparent length of the hairstyle, depending on the physical structure of the hair strands. Remember that a given set of  waves or spiraling curls changes its rate of curve or turn, depending on the weight and length of that particular set.

    K) Long, layered haircuts reflect light more than a long style with short layers, but less than with true, blunt haircut designs.

Note: Usually a long layered haircut is given with no extreme change of VHW length. A long, layered haircut can be given to gently introduce layering, and layering effects without making dramatic changes in the length of the total hair-mass or a specific area of a given hair-mass. “Long, long layered haircuts can be more complex, on a design point of view, and can be more tailored to faces and body as well as the individual profiles, than just long hair. Hairstyles with long layers can be given when the client needs or prefers to keep enough hair length to tie it up, staying away from true, blunt haircut designs, or just undefined shapes of long hair-masses.

An individual may be motivated to get a “long, long layered haircut” for the above reasons; the decision may be influenced by psychological profile and attitude, and in some ways representative of the individual personality. Long, layered haircuts  are also a safe approach to other haircut designs,

NOTE: Some “long, long layered haircuts”  are difficult to achieve. It is not unusual to fine the layered part of a haircut design not to be in harmony with the haircut base. That is often due in part to the lac of technical knowledges. Typical examples of poor technical layering procedure could in the following :

             a : the layers don’t blend with the haircut base

             b : the layers are not in harmony with the haircut base

             c : the hair-mass  looks   “shopped” (casually speaking)

            d : The proportion of hair-mass being layered is to important, which could  result

                  for a given hair-mass to be “ over layered”, which in turn could show

                  the haircut base being to thin, poor in weight, and volume

             e : The hair-mass weight distribution, could also show a uneven balance, and

                  sometime could translate in a disequilibrium of the total haircut design.

copyright all right reserved © 2006 Patrick Garelle international corp : the Orthocouralogy


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