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Creator Of The First Scientifically Based Haircutting Method

Haircutting Architecture and Hairstyling Design

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Haircutting instruction reinvented

Without the use and adaptation of mathematics, haircutting instruction could only stands still as far as contents development, and content diversities. This means that before the creation of orthocouralogy haircutting instruction based on true values was reasonably impossible to achieve.

Without a scientific approach, today’s haircutting programs can only stay the way they are cognitively designed, which is mostly subjective, and intuitive, and barely designs to feet only one type of learner such as kinesthetic type.

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Before the creation of orthocouralogy, there were two basic ways a haircut could be given — freestyle and semi-controlled haircutting modes…

One major result is that people who are relatively successful become so due to their natural individual talent, rather than by gaining reliable technical knowledge (knowledge which could also enhance the development of talent and artistic performance). Consequently, we can say that there is a kind of unfair natural selection determining who can or cannot survive and make a living from the art of haircutting.

This effect, along with the perception of this segment of the industry, its attraction only to limited types of learners, and many other issues in the industry, is caused chiefly by the low level of academic programs offered throughout all branches of the world’s beauty schools.