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Creator Of The First Scientifically Based Haircutting Method

Born in Paris, France, Patrick F. Garelle spent the first few years of his career working  and designing haircuts in one of Paris’ most prestigious salons, Claude Maxime.

In 1986, Patrick Garelle made his mark in New York’s world of hair when he changed Diane Sawyer’s traditional anchor look to a freer but very chic hair style.

Simultaneously cutting hair in New York and Miami since 1991, Patrick looked to demystify the art of haircutting and give it a huge intellectual and technical boost. The invention of “Orthocouralogy ” in 2006 enabled Patrick to push the technical aspects of haircutting to the limit.

Orthocouralogy,  a term used to define Patrick Garelle’s novel haircutting program, is scientifically based and utilizes a methodology  to define a standardized procedure and code for defining a haircut.

The Universal Haircutting Method (UHM) along with the Universal Code of Haircutting and its code of ethics constitutes the most precise haircutting method in the industry of cosmetology.

Garelle’s hairstyling work has been covered by the NY Times, NY Post, Vogue, ELLE, People, runway shows for YSL, Lagerfeld and DIOR. After creating a huge impact in the television industry by changing Diane Sawyer’s look, Harper’s Bazaar featured Sawyer’s new style as one of the top five haircut classics in the U.S.  Garelle went on to style the tresses of Connie Chung, Catherine Crier, famous magazine editors, socialites, major TV executives and Broadway producers.

Currently, Garelle is working to refine his haircutting program. His goal is to have his methodology adopted statewide and worldwide in order to educate future Orthocouralogists and enable them to become professionally licensed.  Today, his vision and method are legally protected. Garelle he works and lives in New york and Miami with his wife and two children.

Orthocouralogy (NEW WORD, AND NEW SCIENCE): (short deffinition) The scientific study of the art of haircutting. It also can mean: The practice of the orthocouralogist (new profession) offering professional cervices, such as giving haircuts and or teaching how to practice that discipline, and  the art and science of designing haircuts.
Orthocouralogy involves reasurch and development of haircutting methods and technics.

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Jouranal of Orthocouralogy/Journal of Haircutting Architectural and Hairstyling Design

aims to dissimate orthocouralogical contents, and research findings for the purpose to imporve technical haircutting and hairstyling quality performances, and boost the efficiency of instruction at all levels.