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Creator Of The First Scientifically Based Haircutting Method

Journal Of Orthocouralogy Introduction – Issue No.1

Introduction Issue No.1 – Haircutting Architecture and HairStyling Design



Orthocouralogy or The Scientific Method of Haircutting    

 “The Journal of Orthocouralogy and Associated Disciplines” (JO-AD) will be a publication introducing a new discipline: the formal, academic study of the art, method, technique of haircutting, designated by the term “orthocouralogy.” 

This journal aims towards the dissemination of research findings which are scientifically based, in order to improve both professional and teaching performance in the field. 

Such scientifically designed methodology had previously been regarded as undefinable by many or eagerly awaited by others.    

 Overdue, then, since the early years of the 20th century, “JO-AD” should cause a significant turnaround.  It is intended for all professionals, salon owners, manufacturers, and enterprises with interests in this flourishing field.     

STRATEGY involves two main stages of dissemination. 

The first involves publication of existing haircutting theories and commonly held technical beliefs, along with challenges to those assumptions. 

In the second stage, unlimited publication of articles dealing with non-technical aspects, such as political or legal ones, would serve as a platform or forum for investigators.    

 BREAKTHROUGH adapts mathematics to the system of haircutting.  Art is translated into science in several logical and explicit chapters.  A new philosophy for instructing and also practicing is put into place. Some major institutions in the beauty industry, as well as professors, doctors, librarians, and trained stylists have already been receptive.  “The creation of orthocouralogy is revolutionary and should change the way haircutting is learned…This program boosts the level of education way up.”     

MANDATE constitutes the need to review and reform and re-analyze the validity of all previously held standards.  Orthocouralogy and the journal, “JO-AD,” invite a thorough, serious investigation of professional  regulations on all levels, including cosmetic licensing.  This will prove to be essential for all existing and potential students.  Such reform is imperative and inevitable.